Toy soldier collector?     The first place to check is This Weeks Auctions,  then browse our other categories for Buy it Now listings.    Toy soldiers and Sets is our place for sets and somewhat rare single figures.

Expect to find new and old toy soldiers by many manufacturers plus books and magazines that relate to collecting toy soldiers. Most items are sets and pieces we have acquired over 30 years of collecting. Some listings are from jumbo lots we buy from auction houses.

Our Cabinet, Cubby and Paperweight Collection. Things to read, pictures to look at. I could never recycle anything that might be of interest. Now it's time for these items to come out of the cubbys and from under the paperweights and into your collection. In these listings expect to find magazines, books, catalogs, auction phamplets and ads and articles that touch on toy soldier collecting.

Browse our Merricourt Ark category. These listings qualify for free shipping to anywhere in the U.S.A. The Ark is our place for all the farm, village and zoo figures that have come our way over the years. Most are grouped in a listing and shipping is free by First Class Mail to any U.S.A. address. For other countries we will give Ark listings a discounted shipping rate. Please ask for a quote by using the "Ask seller a question" feature in eBay.

Molds & Castings is our place for selling molds that we will no longer use for our casting activities. You may also find castings from other makers that we are reselling. Please note that most of these are a lead alloy and lead does have harmful properties.

We will also be selling lead free pewter castings from molds that we use for our Victorian series. We do this for those who will want to finish and paint the figures themselves. Note that the ones we cast are a higher price that other castings you may find on eBay or at shows. This is because we use only lead free Pewter. It is more expensive, it is harder to cast, but it is safe for us and the buyer. This may be doubly important if you are teaching the art of figure painting to a child or grandchild.

Our castings are safe.

These figures are here because they have problems. Conditions vary, some are partially painted or badly painted, Some have broken or missing parts.

What you could do with them. Repair them, or re-imagine into a variant. Touch up the paint, or strip and start with a fresh figure.

OR: Melt them down and cast something new. I have priced some groups of figures close to what you would pay for a new rough casting or a similar amount of lead based casting metal .

Do you display a Christmas village? Do you collect Lemax or Department 56 Dickens Village? Then you will like our listings for Victorian Life in Miniature.

These small friends are handcast, handpainted pewter figures made in our workshop in Sumner, Washington. The size is compatable with most villiage scenes. Some are our own sculptings, some are cast from molds aquired from other crafters. Their uniqueness and quality will make them showcase pieces in your village collection.

Want to know more? visit our "How we make Victorian small friends" page.



Prior to eBay we sold hand cast, hand painted, pewter Victorian style figures at local craft fairs and boutiques. At one time we had a small shop in Sumner, Washington. Through most of our lifes we have been avid collectors of everthing toy soldier.